Art of Soule French sailor espadrilles for men: unmistakably French, distinctly marine, provocatively free slip-ons.

Art of Soule French sailor espadrilles for Men: unmistakably French, distinctly marine, perfectly freedom slip-ons.

French Sailor espadrilles come in white, red, and navy stripes, beige with navy blue stripes, striped espadrilles in the tent colors of our local, and world-renowned Grande Plage in Biarritz, sunny striped espadrilles, with red, yellow, blue... and much more.

Art Of Soule innovates and stitches all models in Mauléon-Licharre, in the hamlet province of Soule, on the side of French Basque Country. We tend to ramble on about it, but it's very significant to us. Why? Because we stand behind our 100% Made in France label, contributing to the local economy, and transcending the traditions of craftsmanship.