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Beach towel

€65.83 TTC
Art of Soule, espadrilles and accessories crafted in France

A Beach towel is like a home. Always needs to be are bigger, and serve as that trusted barrier between lawn and skin. They keep sand at bay and cool the burning concrete around a pool. Ours have a buddy pocket for your essentials (no one else has that), and our authentic prints never fade.

Best used as relax throw downs, shade makers, kids wrappers, and to dry your pup takers. 

A layer of freedom, before, in-between, and after work, Art of Soule beach towels are 100% made in France.

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Another exclusive innovation from Art of Soule offers our espadrille-inspired overall print, and a must-have pocket to store cotton Beach Towel collection. A functional product, sized to please, two-tone construction, quick-dry materials. Designed in Biarritz, 100% Made in SW France .

Styles : Casual

Composition : Cotton

Label environnemental : Oekotex 100

Colors : Rouge

Origine : Made in France in Mauléon 🇫🇷

Motif : Rayée

Modèle : Soleil

Genre : Unisexe


Avoid getting the jute sole of your espadrilles wet. Do not machine wash. You can easily clean the canvas upper with a wet, soapy cloth and even tighten the canvas by turning the shoe upside down and dipping the canvas upper in hot water, allowing them to dry.
To clean them, rub the canvas lightly with a small brush or a damp, slightly soapy sponge, then rinse with a clean sponge or cloth.

Wash alternative

Apply warm soapy water mixed with lemon juice or white vinegar for stubborn stains. Scrub lightly with tooth brush.


Best stored in a breathable Art of Soule Espadrille Pouch. Put newspaper in the toe and heel are when storing.
Espadrilles Pouches are available on this site.