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Art of Soule, espadrilles and accessories crafted in France

Wrap yourself up in this French blanket, soft and warm, for unparalleled moments of comfort.

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In an increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world, finding moments of tranquility and comfort is essential. Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket that embodies French charm and craftsmanship, designed to offer unparalleled warmth and absolute softness. Let me introduce you to our blanket, a symbol of quality and comfort, meticulously crafted in France to meet your needs for comfort and warmth.

This sumptuous blanket generously measures approximately 180cm x 140cm, providing an ideal cover to cocoon yourself during chilly evenings or peaceful relaxation moments. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to offer you an incomparable sensory experience.

The French-woven fabric is the result of ancestral expertise, giving this blanket a slightly waffled texture that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to its design. Each thread, each pattern speaks of artisanal dedication and the excellence of French manufacturing, embodying a legacy of quality and tradition.

But that's not all: the inner polyester lining is carefully chosen for its superior warmth and comfort. It delicately envelops you, providing an instant sense of well-being as soon as you wrap yourself in this blanket. Its ability to retain heat ensures a cozy and comforting experience every time you use it.

It's not just a blanket; it's a warm companion that will accompany you during your reading sessions, meditation, or relaxation by the fireplace. Its versatility and comfort make it a must-have to create a cocoon of softness wherever you are.

The beauty of this blanket lies not only in its elegant and timeless appearance but also in its commitment to authenticity and durability. Made in France with high-quality materials, this blanket embodies an environmentally friendly production process and ethical standards.

Whether you use it to keep warm during cold winter nights or to add a touch of comfort to your interior, this blanket is more than just an accessory: it's a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and attention to every detail.

Wrap yourself in luxury and comfort with this French blanket, a cozy companion that celebrates the art of French living while offering you an unparalleled comfort experience. Treat yourself to this sensation of warmth and well-being, and make every moment an oasis of absolute comfort with our blanket lovingly made in France.

Composition : 51% Coton 41% Polyester 4% Acrylique 1%PEM

Colors : Blue

Entretien : Lavable en machine à 30°.

Promo : oui

Genre : Unisexe

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